Friday, March 2, 2012

Mt. Pierce--An Accessible Winter Climb to the Summit

North Conway's local hiking expert, Ed Parsons, recently wrote in The Conway Daily Sun that Mt. Pierce is a good hike for your first time in reaching the summit of one of The Presidentials.  Most hikers don't climb the 4,000 footers in the winter, except for the extreme hikers, because of the bitter cold winds and sometimes harsh weather conditions.

Mt. Pierce is doable in the winter if you choose a clear, sunny day and start out in the morning.  A moderate 3.2 mile trail is accessible from Crawford Path across from the Appalachian Mountain Center on Route 302.  After passing the trail into the Mitzpah Hut, you leave the forested path to walk about a tenth of a mile to the summit of Mt. Pierce.  Here you have an astounding view of Mt. Washington from this southerly Presidential Peak.

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