Friday, February 11, 2011

Snowshoeing the Buttonwood Inn Trails

We strapped on our snowshoes yesterday and took the dogs on a hike heading out the back yard to the Buttonwood Trail.  To access it, we walked past the pool house through the neighbor's field to the point where you can either proceed on the Buttonwood Trail or hike the Mt. Surprise Trail.  We chose the Buttonwood Trail following the already trodden path by other snowshoers. 
This trail goes halfway up Bartlett Mountain and we snowshoed from East to West on a path that is just below the rock outcroppings.  We passed over several small streams through woods and partially open fields.  I was reminded that humans were not the only visitors wandering around these woods, as I noticed coyote, deer, turkey, and fox tracks near the trail. 

Just below the rock outcropping on Bartlett, the view opens up to reveal the Moat Mountains and Loon Mountain further west near Lincoln.  Just past this scenic lookout point, we snowshoed a little further and decided to head back down on the loop, rather than proceeding up the steep part of the trail which goes up to the Barlett Ledges.  The view from the Bartlett Ledges is phenomenal because you can see the Moats, North Conway Village, Cathedral Ledge, and off to the Northwest, the Presidentials in all their glory.

We proceeded down the trail and had glimpses of the Moats.  We crossed over a few more small, frozen streams before we connected to the Mt. Surprise Trail, which led us back to the field where we started our snowshoeing hike.  From the Mt. Surprise Trail, you can also hike up Nan's Loop (which is the summit of Mt. Surprise at 900 ft.) to view the Moats.

You too can enjoy these trails.  Just bring your snowshoes or rent them from Ragged Mountain Equipment in Glen for a day.  It's just you and the beautiful, peaceful forest and mountains.  Reserve on-line or call us at 1-800-258-2625!

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