Friday, February 4, 2011

Great Doggie Day Care and Vacation Spot in Conway, NH

During our last two trips, we reserved a "room" for our two dogs, Clyde and Britt, at Karla's Pet Rendevous in Conway, NH.  It's located 15 minutes south of The Buttonwood Inn on Route 16, a convenient drop-off and pick-up point.

Karla's Pet Rendevous is a one-story building set up with a reception area, dog bathing and grooming room, and individual glass-enclosed rooms for the pets to stay during their vacations.  Beds and blankets are also provided, but you provide your pet's food.  The place is clean with no hint of pet or cleaning agent odors.  The staff is friendly and interested in interacting with your pet.  Our dogs were immediately greeted by their caretaker and taken outside in the back yard to play with the other dogs (under supervision to ensure that everyone got along), while we checked them in.

When we returned to pick up Clyde and Britt from both trips a week later, they were calm and quiet, yet happy to see us.  So that is my clue that they were well taken care of while we were away.  I almost didn't recognize Britt, our Golden Retriever/Collie mix, since he was bathed and trimmed/combed of all of his unruly hair (looking 5 pounds thinner).  Clyde was also bathed, groomed, and nails trimmed, providing him with a shiny, new coat.

So if you want peace of mind in leaving your pet under someone else's care while you're traveling, we would highly recommend Karla's Pet Rendevous. 

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