Saturday, January 29, 2011

Valentine's Special Dessert - Which one would you like me to serve?

For Valentine's Weekend (February 11-14. 2011), everyone enjoys some type of dessert with chocolate in it!  I have several in mind and would like your input as to which one I should make at The Buttonwood Inn and serve to our guests.

1)  Turtle Brownies - dark chocolate brownies with caramel swirling through them and glazed on top with a whole pecan decorating each square.

2)  Texas Sheet Cake - a thin, moist cake (the height of a brownie) containing two kinds of chocolate (making it almost black since it's so chocolatey) covered with a chocolate ganache icing and chopped pecans.

3)  Chocolate Cupcakes - a chocolate cupcake (with three times the chocolate) that is baked with a chocolate ganache filling on top, then iced with a creamy chocolate frosting (not too much chocolate, in my opinion).

4)  Chocolate Malt Sandwich Cookies - a double cookie sandwich with a malt flavored chocolate filling in the center.

You tell me...hard choices, I know.  Email us at with your Number 1-4 choices in order of preference.  The second place winner will be made for the Chocolate Festival during February 25-27, 2011.  First and second place winning recipes to follow!

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