Thursday, January 13, 2011

Ladies Shoppers Weekend - November 2010

Bill and I enjoyed hosting the fourth year of the ladies shoppers group during the second weekend last November. From the moment they arrived usually by noontime, they began their shopping excursions and girlfriend lunches catching all of the major sales before the Holidays. We reserved a group dinner (22 ladies this past year) at Vito Marcello's Italian Restaurant on Friday night where they arrived via a taxi van.

The next morning, we put out coffee early for them so they were all able to gather in the Living Room in their PJs and talk and laugh before breakfast. Afterwards while Bill cleared the Dining Room, I chatted with them about the good buys they got on clothing (to which Bill retreated to the kitchen). Then the ladies were out the door by 10 am off shopping and lunching in smaller groups.  Bill and I provided them with shopping handbags that had "survival" provisions (drinks and snacks) and the VIP coupon good at most stores.

At the end of the day on Saturday, they came back to the inn to wrap gifts and prepared for their party in the Mt. Surprise Room. They rearranged the furniture so they could all sit together to enjoy drinks, appetizers, stories, and games. Bill and I retreated to our owners quarters and saw them at breakfast the next morning.

So if you would like to reserve The Buttonwood for a shoppers weekend or any other type of group gathering any time of year, we can accommodate your needs in our spacious common rooms and idyllic location nestled in the mountains very near North Conway.

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