Monday, June 9, 2014

Our Guest Friendly Outdoors in the Forest

Bill and I wake up to a morning like every other looking out our windows viewing Merriman State Forest and various mountains which are part of the Green Hills

For example, if we look out our office and kitchen windows in the morning light, we see Bartlett Mountain and notice the wildlife, mainly birds.  On some mornings, we may get visited by a bear cub trying to scoff up some bird seed for its breakfast.

We've noticed over the past seven years of innkeeping at The Buttonwood Inn, that guests enjoy our acres of serene property as much as we do. We have purchased some very comfortable cedar Adirondack chairs, double benches, double Adirondacks, and an 8-foot long picnic table/benches, coffee table and various birdhouses from local Jackson woodworkers, RandR Woodworkers, who hand-cut and screw all furniture together from scratch.  Bob and Robin (the R&R in R&R) make a great product.

Here are a few photos of the woodworking as Bill prepared to stain it with Cabot Australian Timber Oil.


Of course, whether it's hiking or snowshoeing you can always take the Buttonwood or Mt. Surprise trails right from our backyard and explore to your heart's content!

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