Friday, June 3, 2011

MAGRR New England - Canine Adoptions

Bill and I have two adopted dogs that reside with us in our owners' quarters at The Buttonwood Inn.  We adopted Clyde, our Black Labrador Retriever/Doberman Mix, in New Jersey five years ago.  His former owner kept him in the basement and one day he escaped.  Unfortunately, he was hit by a car on a busy highway and suffered a severe injury to his back right leg.  Fortunately, a person from the area shelter drove by and rescued him, then arranged emergency surgery at the Raritan Animal Hospital to save his leg.  Clyde healed fairly quickly and now goes on hikes with us.

When we moved to The Buttonwood Inn the Summer of 2007, Clyde had a canine brother from NJ, Gus, a Golden Retriever.  He was rescued by our son, Tom, when he jumped up and down in the dog pound expressing adopt me!  Tom informed me immediately since we lost our beloved Golden to cancer and knew I wanted to get another dog.  When Gus turned nine years old, he contracted mast cell tumor cancer.  At Raritan Animal Hospital, the tumor was removed and he underwent chemotherapy, which put him in remission for a year.

After we moved to NH, Gus was enjoying life roaming the 6 acres around the inn until he developed another mast cell tumor.  Six weeks later he passed on.  Finding it difficult to live without our good-natured Golden Retriever, we decided to adopt another one as a new companion for Clyde who also missed his buddy, Gus. 

In searching, we found Britt, a Golden Retriever/Collie Mix, at MAGRR (Memphis Area Golden Retriever Rescue).  This is a non-profit rescue organization located in Tennessee fostering and adopting out Golden Retrievers from Tennessee, Mississippi, and Arkansas to folks in the Northeast.  They strive to match up dogs with suitable owners by having you fill out a detailed form about yourself and your home environment.  Bill and I recently made a home visit with Britt to a home in Maine to determine if the future Golden Retriever owners would be suitable.  They are and will be matched up with a Golden Retriever that will come up to NH in the next few weeks.  Volunteers from Tennessee drive about 40 dogs in enclosed pens outfitted with beds in a renovated horse carrier.  They make stops in each state over a few days to unite them with their new owners.

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