Saturday, January 23, 2010

Snowshoeing and Exploring from The Buttonwood Inn

Today's guests discovered another marked trail connected to the Mt. Surprise Trail. It heads in an Easterly direction at the base of Bartlett Mountain (the mountain which is behind the Inn) and eventually joins with the Buttonwood Trail. At that point there are two choices: 1) follow the Buttonwood Trail back to the Inn or;  2) follow the Buttonwood trail until it reaches Hurricane Mountain Road. You can cross Hurricane Mountain Road and reconnect with the Buttonwood Trail which crosses Abbott Brook stream. You can continue and exit at the back of the Cranmore Mountain Lodge, or continue down to the Easternmost connection with Whittaker Woods where the Mt. Washington Valley Ski Touring Association trails are located. From there you are now on a totally groomed trail system for both cross-country and snowshoeing.

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