Friday, December 11, 2009

Visitor's to the Buttonwood Inn

Little Lia (4) just arrived with her parents. They will be taking the Polar Express train this evening from the North Conway railway station and is she excited! During the tour of the Inn I showed them the Mt. Surprise room. We have the movie "Polar Express" playing on the 50 inch plasma and Lia's little eyes were wide... as they could be when she saw it. Lia and her mom also liked the New England Village ceramic houses in the Mt. Surprise room, all lit up with a snowy background. Guess what---our family of 6 just arrived. Alexander, Olivia, Jarred, and Aidan have been here before with their parents. They are like part of the family having first visited us back in 2007. They will be taking the Polar Express train ride tomorrow. By the way the Polar Express movie is based on the 1985 book written by Chris Van Allsburg.

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