Saturday, August 22, 2009

Hiking the Presidentials from The Buttonwood Inn

Just minutes from the Buttonwood Inn on Mopunt Surprise is The Presidential Range a mountain range located in the White Mountains of the state of New Hampshire, almost entirely in Coos County. The most notable summits of the range are named for prominent Americans, either public figures of the 18th and 19th centuries or Presidents.

The summits marked with an asterisk (*) are included on the peak-bagging list of 4,000-foot and higher mountains in New Hampshire; the others are excluded, in some cases because of lesser height and in others because of more technical criteria.

Aside from the notable summits, the geological Presidential Range contains a number of additional named peaks. Several of these peaks, drained on their west faces by the Dry River, are less accessible than the main and most visited ridge of the range and are therefore likely to be neglected, or mentioned as an afterthought, in discussing the range as whole.
Subsidiary peaks of Mount Washington: Ball Crag (6,106 ft); Nelson Crag (5,620 ft); Boott Spur (5,500 ft)

The Presidentials separate drainage via the Saco and Androscoggin Rivers into the Atlantic Ocean on the coast of Maine, from drainage into the Israel and Ammonoosuc Rivers, then into the Connecticut River, and then into Long Island Sound.

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