Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Mt. Surprise Room Update

This is the new look of our Mount Surprise Room. While retaining the charm of our country farmhouse, we decided to update the room with some modern amenities.

Notice the stenciling work above the wall-mounted TV. Paula handpainted the stenciling after painting the walls with a texturing treatment which simulates a suede finish on the "TV" wall and a wood-grain finish on the other walls.

Add to this the addition of a very efficient wood-burning fireplace insert which warms the room in minutes throwing off 70,000 BTUs of heat. The movie collection continues to expand and when viewed on the new 50 inch plasma you feel like you are in your own movie theatre. Our guests enjoy bringing their evening treats which Paula prepares daily along with the hot and/or cold beverages of the day to complete the experience.

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